Guillotine Leagues is happy to offer Guillotine Leagues. See below for more info on how these leagues work. We’ve priced them at a significant discount to our regular leagues, so they are a great way to get a 2nd league going with your friends or co-workers this season!

Here’s how the Guillotine League format works:

  • Each week, the lowest scoring team is eliminated from the league!
  • When a team is eliminated, their entire roster is tossed back into the free agent pool for the waiver wire.
  • At the end of the season, the last team remaining is the champion.

The optimal number of teams for this format is 18 so that you have your “final” in week 17 (since one team is eliminated each week, there will only be 2 teams left in week 17). You can use less teams, but then it just means your season will end earlier. There is no fantasy schedule, and you don’t need to split the teams into divisions. You can fill the teams at the start of the season with whatever method you want: draft, auction, etc. You can use either type of waiver wire (blind bidding or regular waivers). The rest of the league is pretty much the same as any other league. Trading is optional. Each owner submits their lineup every week. You can choose any roster size and any starting lineup configuration, and use any type of scoring rules.

The real excitement of this format comes when it’s time to eliminate the lowest scoring fantasy team from the league each week. All of that team’s players, including whatever “studs” they have, will now be available on the weekly waiver wire for you to grab. So every week is an adventure in juggling your roster as you try to stay alive in the race to be the last team standing.

Check out this page for a full article on the Guillotine League format by Paul Charchian at Fanball, and check our Guillotine League FAQ Page for more details as well.

The Guillotine leagues are priced at $35.95, so it is only $2 per owner for some additional excitement! If you already have a regular league, and you want to run a Guillotine League using the same basic rules and the same owners, then you can use the option to Duplicate your league, and then just modify the format to be Total Points instead of Head to Head. After that, you’ll have access to the Guillotine League Setup page in your copied league.  Or click the link below to create a new Guillotine League now.