is happy to offer Free Draft-Only leagues.

Some people call them draftmaster leagues. Others call them draft and hold leagues. You might even call them best ball leagues. Whatever you call them, we know you’ll enjoy them for free here on

In a nutshell, “draft-only leagues” are like a regular league except:

  • You don’t submit starting lineups – instead, the system automatically chooses your best starters for you each week of the season.
  • You can’t make trades or waiver moves – instead, the team you draft is the team you have all season long.
  • You don’t have head-to-head matchups or playoffs – instead, it’s a total points only league.
  • Note that an Auction is different than a draft. These Free Draft-Only leagues are only for drafts. You can’t conduct an Auction.

So, think of these leagues as “mock draft plus” leagues – basically, you do a draft, but also, at the end of the season, you can see how the team you drafted actually fared throughout the year.