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Want a detailed analysis of average draft position (ADP) results of drafts from tons of other leagues? You’ve come to the right place! You can analyze draft results from the leagues who have or are currently holding their draft with our site. These results are updated daily to ensure you get the most up-to-date, comprehensive analysis for your draft.

Average Draft Position Results

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Some important notes regarding this free service:

    • All drafts in this analysis were conducted on this site, and have had at least 50 picks made in them.
    • You might see some results that at first don’t make sense since dynasty leagues tend to draft earlier and players of interest do not always match up with traditional redraft leagues. In addition, some leagues have scoring systems that are very skewed towards awarding a lot more points to a certain position, which would entice owners to pick players in that position (like quarterback) first, rather than more traditional scoring system leagues.
    • Following is a list of all position abbreviations:
      • Coach: Head Coach
      • QB: Quarterback
      • TMQB: Team Quarterback
      • RB: Running Back
      • FB: Fullback
      • WR: Wide Receiver
      • TE: Tight End
      • TMTE: Team Tight End
      • WR+TE: Wide Receivers and Tight Ends Together
      • RB+WR+TE: All Three Positions Together
      • KR: Kick Returner
      • PK: Place Kicker
      • TMPK: Team Place Kicker
      • PN: Punter
      • TMPN: Team Punter
      • DT+DE: Defensive Tackles and Defensive Ends Together
      • DT: Defensive Tackle
      • DE: Defensive End
      • TMDL: Team Defensive Lineman
      • LB: Defensive Linebacker
      • TMLB: Team Defensive Linebacker
      • CB+S: Cornerbacks and Safeties Together
      • CB: Cornerback
      • S: Safety
      • TMDB: Team Defensive Backs
      • Def: Defensive NFL Team
      • ST: NFL Special Teams Team
      • OT: Offensive NFL Team

Please note that not all leagues use all of these positions.

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