Player Additions & Team Changes

During the regular season, we will attempt to add NFL rostered players (excluding practice squad players) and properly change any team status (including adds, drops, trades, and IR moves) to the site overnight following the day in which an official NFL move has been made. During the off-season, we may update official player changes less frequently (roughly twice per week). While we will make every reasonable effort to track and update players in this way, we make no guarantee regarding the timing or accuracy of the above.

In addition, since relatively few of the hundreds of NFL off-season pickups actually make an official NFL roster, we only add customer-requested players after consulting with our fantasy affiliates. Any player-add request must be made using our online support ticketing system.

Player Positions & Position Changes

We strongly recommend against using the site’s player positions for your league’s official positions. However, if you still prefer to use the site for your league’s official positions, you should be aware of the following:

For a complete, current listing of all players and their official position in the system, see our Player Database Listing.

Although we strive to have the correct position for all players, it’s not uncommon for players to change positions from season to season or even during the season. We generally do not make player position changes during the season. For example, there is a lot of movement of players from week to week between the Cornerback and Safety position, and between Defensive End and Defensive Tackle, so we don’t make those types of minor changes to our master player list during the season.

We also reserve the right to make exceptions to the above for any reason and without warning.


We license our stats from SportRadar on a feed that comes directly from the NFL. Since we are passing along the information as it is provided to us directly by the NFL, we are limited by any delays from the NFL in delivering 100% accurate live stats. However, each evening (a few hours after the end of the last game of the day) we process the day’s stats and update all the calculated (i.e., non-live-scoring) reports. Similarly, a few hours after the end of the last game of the week (almost always the Monday Night Football game), we will process the week’s final stats. For more information on our live scoring and statistics, please see our Statistics Life Cycle page.


Every so often during the course of a season, a rare type of play occurs that causes confusion among league members. We therefore strongly recommend that you take a look at our Special Plays page to see in advance exactly how they will be scored. While your league is always able to manually adjust any fantasy points, you should take the time before the season starts to address each of these plays in your league.


Our policy is to keep all purchased leagues on the site indefinitely, so you’re free to access your league with us at any time in the future. All key league data, including player scores, franchise scores, weekly results, weekly lineups, rosters, league accounting, player salaries and contracts, and league draft/auction results will be available for your league indefinitely. We reserve the right to remove non-key league data, such as player transaction histories (i.e. all trade proposals/rejections, waiver requests, etc.), pool results (survivor pool and confidence pool picks), uploaded images (such as franchise logos), chat posts, league polls, and message board posts. These types of league information may be deleted starting one full year after the season is over. For example, when we start offering 2024 leagues in February 2024, we may remove the above non-key data for the 2019 season. If this non-key data is important to you and your league-mates, you will need to make a backup copy of that data by going to the page in question, and using your web browser’s “File > Save As…” option to save that web page to your local hard drive.