Why should you use MyFantasyLeague to run your fantasy football league?

In short, MyFantasyLeague is flexible, reliable and affordable. Compare us to the competition and see for yourself why we have the best fantasy football service at any price. Or check out the full list of Supported Features. To read what others are saying about us, check out our Customer Testimonials.

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Fantasy Football Features MyFantasyLeague The Competition
Customizable League Appearance
  • You have Complete Control of color, layout, graphics, and information that shows up on your league home page.
  • You Choose a Skin to give your overall league a custom appearance with just one click.
  • Do they offer anything above and beyond their standard layout?
  • Can you modify or rearrange any of the content on the league home page?
  • Can you select different skins, colors, and other appearance options?
Live Scoring
  • Accurate scoring, updated about every 90 seconds during all games, all season
  • We offer MyFantasyLeague.com GameDay, a PC-based, voice-enhanced, real-time fantasy football scoring system
  • Is their live scoring totally accurate throughout the games?
  • Do they offer voice-enhanced live scoring?
Active and Enthusiastic Community
  • Interact and learn from other customers via our Community Message Boards
  • Fellow commissioners enjoy helping you with any fantasy football league related topic
  • Do they offer any way to interact with other enthusiastic commissioners and leagues to share ideas and get help?
  • 2017 is our 23rd season of providing fantasy football league management
  • We host tens of thousands of fantasy football leagues.
  • Check our Partners Page to see a list of the established companies that rely on us to run their fantasy football leagues
  • How long has their service been around?
  • Are they still improving the product every year?
  • How many other businesses trust them with running their fantasy football leagues?
Accurate, Fast, Comprehensive Results
  • Fantasy football stats are finalized with the official stats just a couple hours after each game
  • Check your fantasy football results Sunday night to know exactly how many points you need Monday night
  • We support 30 positions and 150 scoring rules
  • When do they update their final stats? Do they make you wait until the next day for official results?
  • Do they offer the same depth of supported positions and scoring rules?
Any Size Fantasy Football League
  • Up to 96 teams in your fantasy football league.
  • Multiple conferences and up to 24 divisions permitted.
  • Up to 80 players per roster – great for dynasty/keeper leagues.
  • One player can belong on multiple fantasy football teams, with separate drafts for each division or conference.
  • Are they limited to only 16 or 20 teams per league?
  • Do they offer multiple conferences or divisions?
  • How many roster spots do they support?
  • Can each player be on more than one fantasy team?
Official Stat Changes When Needed
  • Whenever the NFL makes a stat correction, we provide an accurate summary of what was officially changed and why.
  • You decide whether to stick with the original stats or automatically apply the corrected stats.
  • Do they offer official stat corrections when the NFL makes updates after Monday night?
  • Do they let you choose whether or not to apply the official NFL stat corrections?
Always Accessible
  • Your fantasy football league is available 24×7, all year round
  • Last season’s rules, rosters and other settings are automatically carried over for you
  • All fantasy football leagues stay online indefinitely, especially useful for dynasty leagues.
  • Do they close during the off-season?
  • Do they keep your league history completely intact for historical reference?
League History
  • Your complete league history remains accessible to refer back to indefinitely.
  • Many historical reports are available to view all of your league records over the years.
  • You can even enter historical seasons into our system if you previously kept track of them on paper.
  • Do they keep your league history available forever?
  • Do they keep your history even after you leave their service?
  • Do they keep your complete league history, or just a “snapshot” of the final standings?
Customer Support
  • Do they offer support from a real person?
  • How long does it take them to respond to your questions or problems?
  • Do they listen to your ideas and suggestions?
Easily Accessible
  • Log into any of your fantasy football leagues once, then the site will remember you and give easy access to all your league features, all season
  • If you’re in multiple leagues, you can switch between them with the click of a menu item
  • Do they offer an easy way to manage multiple leagues?
Leading Edge Features and Always Improving. Your Feedback Counts!
  • Even though we’re already the most feature-rich fantasy football league management system, we continuously improve with Site Upgrades
  • Many enhancements come about based on customer feedback
  • Are they making improvements to their leagues?
  • Do they listen to your feedback and suggestions for improvements?
Affordable Price
  • Pay one low price for your entire fantasy football league
  • FREE fantasy football playoff league
  • See our Purchase Page for discounts
  • Is their “free” service really free, or do they charge for extras?
  • Is their free service also free of options and support?
  • Do they offer free NFL playoff leagues and free Mid-Season leagues?