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Home Page
With more than 75 modules to choose from – and the ability to add your own tabs – the league home page can show the current league standings, recent message board posts, the league’s weekly newsletter, upcoming deadlines, other league news, as well as any custom messages that the commissioner chooses to have displayed. In addition, you can use any of our prepackaged skins to more fully customize your site’s appearance.

Live Scoring Summary
The Live Scoring Summary report displays the totals of each player for all teams in the league and is updated every 90 seconds during the games.

Live Scoring Detail
The Live Scoring Detail report shows the stats details for a single team or head-to-head match up and is updated every 90 seconds during the games.

The Standings Report shows current league standings, and allows you to see league standings at any point in the past. Just to give you an idea of how customizable this site is, here’s an example of what you can do to the standings report alone:

Add franchise icons next to each franchise name
Add columns, remove columns, re-order columns
Sort by any column
Add up to five custom columns, to include whatever data you’d like to in this report

The Rosters Report details what players are on what teams, as well as their year-to-date total points and bye weeks and current injury status. Clicking on the year-to-date total points will display the weekly point totals for the player in question. In addition to the default full format, this report also has a grid and a with stats format.

Franchise Information
The Franchise Information Report tells you the names, owners, logos and other contact information for all franchises in the league. Note that we value customer privacy – all owner contact information will only be displayed to people who have logged into a given league.

The League Accounting Report displays franchise accounting fees, as well as a league-wide accounting total.

The Transactions Report shows you a detailed history of all transactions (waivers, trades, injured reserve, and taxi squad moves), including what players were involved, and when the transaction took place. This report allows you to sub-select transactions based on transaction type, what franchise was involved in the transaction, and when the transaction took place. The Previously Processed Waivers report displays the results of owner waiver requests (to the commissioner and optionally to the franchises).

Weekly Results
The Weekly Results report shows a franchise-by-franchise listing of the points scored by players on all rosters, and allows you to drill down to see exactly why the players got the points that they did. You’ll notice that the player each team should have started are in italics.

Weekly Summary
The Weekly Summary shows all points scored by each franchise each week. You’ll notice that the high scores are in bold (and the low scores are in italics) for a quick glance analysis of which franchise was the top point scorer (or low point scorer!) each week. The bottom of this report also shows the point totals for each franchise, and the average score, on a week-by-week basis.

Top Performers / Player Stats
By default, the Top Performers / Player Stats Report shows you the top 30 overall fantasy point scorers year-to-date, but it offers much, much more. Here’s a small sampling of the literally thousands of questions you can ask using the top performances report.

Scoring History
The Scoring History Report report shows all players that have ever been on a team’s fantasy roster, along with their roster status each week, weekly, year-to-date and average point totals, as well as weekly offensive and defensive (among other) franchise summary points.

Player Information
Clicking on a player’s name in many of the reports takes you to the Player Information Report for that player. This report shows you tons of information for each week for that player, including key statistics, fantasy point totals, NFL injury status, NFL opponent, and more.

Starting Lineups
The Starting Lineups Report shows you the lineup of players starting for each team for a given week. Notice three things on this report – it’s laid out so that opponents are directly across from each other, so you don’t have to search all over the page to see who your opponent is starting. Also, when lineups are submitted, a date stamp is included – this means no one in your league will have any question as to when a lineup was submitted. Finally, owners can include “trash-talk” when submitting their weekly lineups, and those trash talking comments will be included on this report.

Fantasy Schedule
The Fantasy Schedule Report by Week shows the head-to-head results of past weeks, and the head-to-head schedule (along with the point spread of each individual game) of upcoming weeks. We also offer a By Franchise and a Compact formate for your information hungry league-mates.

Bar Chart
The Bar Chart Report gives a graphical view of the weekly points scored by each franchise.

Starter Points – Position
The Starter Points – Position Report breaks down the points scored by each franchise on a position-by-position basis. You can alternately use this report to see the Non-Starter Points by Position.

Starter Points – Player
The Starter Points – Player Report breaks down the points scored by each franchise on a player-by-player basis.

League Scoring
The League Scoring Report shows how your league translates NFL player performance into fantasy points.

League Bylaws
The League Bylaws Report shows you the site’s non-scoring rules that apply to your league along with any offline rule information that the league may need to reference.

League History
The League History Report display’s links to your past-season’s leagues (which are kept online indefinitely) along with any offline historical information that the league may need to reference.

Free Agents
The Free Agents Report shows you a listing of all free agents in the system. Note that you will find the “Top Performers/Player Stats” report mentioned above much more useful in most circumstances.

NFL Injury
The Injury Report shows the official NFL injury status of all players at any given week of the season.

NFL Schedule
The NFL Schedule Report shows the NFL schedule for all weeks of the season, and offers a link the weather forecast (from for all home teams each week.

NFL Team Stats
The NFL Team Stats Report displays weekly and seasonal stats data for pro players along with their corresponding injury status.

If you conducted your draft on-line, the Draft Report details who made what draft pick when. At the bottom, it also includes a section titled “Average Time Waiting For Pick To Be Made” which basically details which owner held up the draft for the longest period of time.

Future Draft Picks
For leagues that allow for trading future year’s draft picks, the Future Draft Picks Report displays both the original and after-the-trade draft picks for upcoming seasons.

Auction Results – Summary
If you conducted an on-line auction, the Auction Results – Summary Report gives the summary of all completed and underway auctions for each franchise and the Auction Results – Details Report gives a detailed level (player-by-player) report of all completed auctions. This report has also been upgraded to allow you to sort those results based on Player Name, Winning Bid Amount, Winning Franchise, or Auction Started Time.

Power Rank
The Franchise Power Rank Report contains a wealth of information for each franchise including points for, potential points, efficiency, bench points, min/max points for (in a week), coulda won, woulda lost, all-play record, and power rank.

Top Adds/Drops
Display the top site wide (across all leagues) players picked up and let go for any week using the Top Adds/Drops Report.

Use the Tiebreakers Report to better understand how your league’s standings and the league’s waiver order are calculated.

Monthly League Calendar
The Monthly League Calendar is used to display system (such as lineup and waiver deadlines) and custom league-added events on either a monthly or seasonal basis. A separate Full Season view is also available.

Playoff Brackets
For leagues that support a fantasy playoff system, the Playoff Bracket Report can be used to graphically monitor the results of each week’s playoff matchups.

Points Allowed – By Position
Use the Points Allowed – By Position Report to view the fantasy points scored by each NFL team in total and by individual position during the season.

News Articles
Keep up to date in the NFL and research individual players using News Articles from various industry sources.

Fantasy Records
Especially useful for leagues that have played together for multiple seasons, the Records reports display fantasy information across multiple seasons. They include the Franchise Records, Player Records, Matchup Records, and All-Time Series Records reports.

Other Reports
There are several other reports as well including:

Projected Scores – for an estimate of each player’s fantasy score for the upcoming week.
Fantasy Recaps – for a review of the fantasy matchups.

Trade Bait – to display open-ended trade offers from all franchises.
Locked Players – to view a list of recently dropped players that may not be currently acquired (as per your league rules).
Salary Adjustments – to see a list of all manual changes to each franchises’ player salaries.
Victory Points Summary – a weekly and yearly recap of victory points for leagues that choose to use this optional scoring system.Additionally, we’re always adding reports so be sure to check our Site Upgrades page for information regarding new features throughout the year.