Setup Your Start’em Once League Now!

This is also referred to as a Contest Style or Tournament Style format. There is no draft at all. Instead, each owner just submits a lineup each week, and they can choose any players they want. This is a great format when you have a large number of participants and there’s no way to organize everybody for a draft at the beginning of the season.

You can set it up as a Start’Em Once Contest, where each NFL player can only be used once per season. This increases the strategy and makes it tougher as the season goes on. You can use variations on that theme with a Start ’Em Twice (or Three times, etc) format, or you can make it totally open ended and allow any NFL player to be started any week. You can also make it a Salary Cap based format, so that each weekly lineup has to stay within the designated salary cap.

Follow these steps to create a Contest Style League:

  • Click Create Now button to create a standard free trial league
  • In the general configuration options, select Number of Franchises (Up to 100)
  • Select Contest League and set the number of times a player can be started by an owner: Football Players
  • Customize the other settings as desired and click Save League Setup when finished.

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