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World Class Features
MyFantasyLeague.com supports tons of unique features, making us the most flexible and robust fantasy football league management system, period. It’s a blast to use and includes features you won’t find anywhere else.
Any Style League
MFL supports just about every style of fantasy football league imaginable, including:
  • Total Points leagues.
  • Head-to-head leagues.
  • Tournament style option allows each player to be started X number of times per season.
  • Guillotine leagues
  • DFS style leagues
  • Victory points leagues
Flexible Scoring Options
Choose from one of MyFantasyLeague.com’s pre-packaged scoring options, or customize your fantasy football league scoring rules as much as you want:
  • Touchdowns can be scored based on quantity or length.
  • Decimal scoring (with up to 3 decimal places) and complex conditional scoring (such as “Award 1 point for a Pass Completion Percentage of at least 50%, but only if they have at least 20 pass attempts.)
  • Home field advantage points.
  • Ties can be broken automatically or manually.
For fantasy football leagues with an odd number of teams, one team can play against the league average each week to avoid bye weeks. Points can be awarded to NFL players on a bye week using the Bye Week Carryover Option. If you have special rule exceptions, you can use the Score Adjuster to modify a player’s or a team’s score for any given week.
Dynasty Leagues
MyFantasyLeague offers the ultimate platform for Dynasty fantasy football enthusiasts, boasting an array of top-tier features designed to enhance your league experience. With unparalleled customization options, you can tailor every aspect of your league settings, from scoring systems to roster configurations.
The platform’s robust trading tools facilitate complex multi-team trades and future draft pick exchanges, while the detailed player history and dynasty player rankings provide invaluable insights for long-term strategic planning.
You can set-up multiple draft or auction options for your Dynasty league:
  • Startup Draft/Auction
  • Rookie Draft/Auction
  • Veteran Draft/Auction
  • You can even set-up multiple drafts
  • Include Keepers in place of draft picks
Flexible Waiver Options
Commissioners have complete control of the waiver wire to determine exactly how and when free agents can be selected each week, using these methods:

First Come First Served: Any fantasy football owner can pick up any available player at any time.
Waiver Request: Each fantasy football owner lists players they want during a certain time-frame, then the available players are awarded to the teams with the worst records (or any other criteria you set.)
Blind Bidding: Similar to a silent auction, available fantasy football players go to the highest bidder at the end of a specified time-frame.

Combine Waiver Requests with First Come First Served or Blind Bidding and then First Come First Served, no problem, we handle that. You can set up specific times as No Waivers Allowed periods, so when players are dropped from a fantasy football team, you can specify a lockout period allowing all teams get a fair chance at grabbing recently-dropped players.
Flexible Schedules
Over 700 schedules for automatic head-to-head scheduling of almost any size fantasy football league. You can also create your own custom schedule, or combine multiple weeks to have double- or triple-headers.
  • Unlimited double- or even triple-headers with no limits on the number of games in a week.
  • All vs. all format pits every team against every other team each week.
  • Play against the league average (for odd sized leagues).
  • Earn additional W/L by playing the league median each week with your h2h schedule.
Player Salaries And Contracts
Fantasy football players can be assigned salaries and/or contracts to support even the most complex salary cap league options:
  • Default salaries can be assigned to all players.
  • Enter your own salary value for each player.
  • Salaries can even be assigned dynamically as part of the blind bidding waiver process when fantasy football teams pick up free agents.
  • Fantasy football teams can be assigned a league-wide salary cap or each franchise can start with a different cap amount.
  • Salary caps can be hard or soft.
  • Keeper leagues can automatically increase/decrease player salaries by X-percent or Y-dollars from one season to the next.
  • Injured players can optionally count towards the fantasy football salary cap.
Multiple Draft Options
MyFantasyLeague.com lets you draft your way:

Live fantasy football draft: If all your fantasy football team owners are online at the same time, you can conduct a live draft, complete with an interactive chat room, a timer to keep things moving, and audio announcements of players as they’re picked. Even if a few fantasy football owners can’t be at the live draft, you can still make it work by having them rank players in advance using the pre-draft feature. Then the system will pick for them when it’s their turn. You have complete control of what happens when the timer runs out (skip the pick or have the computer make a pick for them) and you can trade players, draft picks and trash talk with other fantasy football league owners throughout the draft.
Email fantasy football draft: If you would prefer to draft over the course of several days or even weeks, you can conduct an email draft. MyFantasyLeague.com tracks all the details and sends emails after each pick to update everyone on the progress. You can keep things moving with the pre-draft option, so the system picks for them if they’re not available when it’s their turn.
Auction-style, online fantasy football draft: You can also conduct an auction-style draft, where fantasy football players are put up for auction and each owner bids on the players they want. It’s similar to an eBay auction. Live auctions are also fully supported!

For any of the online draft options, you can use a standard, serpentine or randomized fantasy football draft order, or you can customize the order and the number of picks per round to your liking.
Share Information With Friends
By default, your fantasy football league is public; guests and friends can see your league scores, standings, and other reports. If you want to email or print a page, there are links from all league pages. And if you don’t want to let others see your fantasy football league information, there’s an option to make your reports private.
Text Alert Notifications
Set-up text alerts for the league events you want to know about immediately, including:
  • Draft notifications when you are on the clock
  • Trade proposals and responses
  • Completed trades
  • Submit lineup reminders
  • Game-day inactives
Fantasy Football Email Updates
The fantasy football Commissioner and owners can set email alerts for all significant events, including:
  • Weekly results
  • Opponent lineup changes
  • Trades
  • Draft & auction updates
  • League polls and news articles
  • NFL injury updates
  • MFL site news
Information At Your Fingertips
Links to some of the best fantasy football resources (including your own custom links) on each page:
  • Research historical stats and upcoming matchup information for free agents as well as all of the players on your fantasy football roster.
  • View up-to-date news about players.
  • Learn injury information with the official NFL injury report, updated hourly!
28 Player Positions Supported
MyFantasyLeague.com supports 28 positions, including the typical individual offensive players:
  • Quarterbacks
  • Running Backs
  • Wide Receivers
  • Tight Ends
  • Kickers
  • Plus not so typical positions: Punters, Fullbacks and Kick Returners
You can combine RBs, WRs, and TEs in any combination. All flex and super flex (with QB) positions are supported.
The following team positions are supported:
  • Team Offense
  • Team Quarterback
  • Team Kicker
  • Head Coach
  • Team Defense
  • Special Teams
IDP Leagues with True Position
MyFantasyLeague stands out as the premier platform for Individual Defensive Player (IDP) leagues, offering the most robust and comprehensive features available. With “True Position” IDP, MyFantasyLeague ensures unparalleled accuracy in player designation, reflecting real-life defensive roles and providing a more authentic and strategic fantasy experience. The platform’s extensive customization options allow you to fine-tune scoring settings to match your league’s unique preferences, while the advanced player tracking and in-depth statistical analysis tools give you a competitive edge.

Here are the positions used for individual defensive players:
  • Defensive Tackles
  • Defensive Ends
  • Linebackers
  • Cornerbacks
  • Safeties
MFL believes strongly in the use of "True Positions" for IDP leagues.
Communicate With Your League
MyFantasyLeague.com has great options to keep your fantasy football league owners up to date:
  • The latest league news.
  • Message boards for discussions and trash talking.
  • Email everyone in the fantasy football league with a simple click from any page.
  • See when owners are online at the site, so you’ll know if they’re available to chat.
  • Fantasy football commissioner and owners can also post newsletters, stories and pictures.
  • League Polls to get opinions and help approve league trades.
Customizable Appearance Options
You have complete control over your fantasy football league’s homepage appearance:
  • Skins
  • Logos
  • Information location
As Commissioner, you can modify this as often as you like, plus you have the option to let each owner control how they view the information.
Customize your fantasy football league pages by creating your own:
  • Franchise logos and icons
  • League logos
Upload your own logos or choose from our logo templates with over 950 helmets.
League History
Each season that you host your league with us, your league data is automatically kept on-line and accessible for you to refer back to indefinitely. We have more historical reports available than any other site. Historical reports for franchise and league records include the highest score of the year for all past seasons, the widest margin of victory, the highest scoring players at each position, the cumulative series record for each franchise in the league and dozens more. You can even manually transfer your history from another site so you have your historical records and league champions on one site.
Flexible Accounting Options
Keep track of fantasy football league funds with automatic Accounting options. Award funds for wins, subtract funds for waiver moves, and credit/debit for several other league events.
Fantasy Football Playoffs
Set up playoff brackets for your fantasy football Super Bowl and for the Toilet bowl. The site displays a fantasy football playoff bracket to show who advances and who’s been eliminated until a champion is crowned!
NFL Playoffs
If you’re still hungry for more fantasy football action after the NFL regular season, you can continue your fantasy football league into the NFL Playoffs or start a new Playoff-only league. Stats are provided through the NFL Playoffs, all the way through the real Super Bowl. And best of all, NFL Playoff leagues and stats are completely FREE!
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