MFL100s Contest Overview

This is the hottest league format on the Internet throughout the offseason, from February through August. Pay just $10 to draft a team, and then take home $100 for first place! It’s fun, fast, and gives you great practice for your own league’s draft.

If you win a subscription to 4for4 ($99 Value) you will get access to their award-winning accuracy in player projections, expert advice, and exclusive tools to dominate your fantasy football leagues! If you win multiple subscriptions, you may be upgraded to their Bettting subscription ($249 value). Use promo code “MFL25” to get 25% off a 4for4 subscription to help you win this season.

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First Pick Labs purchased SideLine Software, the owner and operator of MyFantasyLeague, in January 2024 with the goal of enhancing your fantasy experience (Press Release arrow up right).

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