2017 Enhancements

Now that the 2016 season is almost in the books, we are excited to announce some of the key enhancements that are coming to MyFantasyLeague.com in 2017!  We’ve spent the past year focusing mostly on the back-end architecture side of things, which paved the way for some front-end league changes in 2017 and beyond that should make our system easier to ...

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Win $50,000 playing playoff Fantasy Football!

    Fresh off an exciting 16-week regular season The Fantasy Championship (TFC) is back for the playoffs with the Postseason Shootout featuring $150,000 in prizes.  The contest starts with Wild Card Weekend on Saturday, Jan. 7 and runs through Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 5. Select any 10 players from qualifying playoff teams and your work is done: Sit back, relax, enjoy ...

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Free NFL Playoff Leagues

Each season we open up our fantasy league management system for the NFL Playoffs (NFL Weeks 18 through 21) and allow you to play for free here at MyFantasyLeague. Start a new league, invite some friends and co-workers, and customize it as much as you want.  You can also upgrade your league from last year if you want to keep ...

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Mid-Season Leagues Free For All

Free Leagues

Each season we open up our fantasy league management system and allow you to play for free here at MyFantasyLeague.  Start a new league, invite some friends, you can even take an existing MyFantasyLeague league and create a new Mid-Season League from it.  Start again at the mid-point of the NFL season.  Click here for more information: Free Mid-Season Leagues ...

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Enter The Fantasy Championship


This Labor Day weekend, putting in a little work could make you $200,000 richer thanks to The Fantasy Championship (TFC), MyFantasyLeague’s mid-stakes partnership with Real Time Fantasy Sports. From now until kickoff on Thursday, Sept. 8 the TFC Lobby will be filled with drafts — morning, day and night — that offer $1,500 in league prizes and an opportunity to ...

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Draft Day Preparation


Now that the fantasy football draft season is in full swing, we have several tips to help you get ready for your league’s draft or auction, including various Draft Prep tools from our good friends at Fantasy Sharks! Study the MyFantasyLeague.com Average Draft Position or ADP Rankings before your draft. The ADP Rankings are updated daily and are a great guide ...

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MFL10s are Closed

Man, that was a quick 6 months… What started in February has come to an end Thursday, Aug. 25.  This includes leagues in both the Draft-Only and Roster Management format.  We have 2-plus weeks to complete drafts — more than enough time if everyone does their part to keep things moving at a decent pace. For any drafts slacking as ...

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10s for $200,000 Promotion

Be sure to check out The Fantasy Championship! (TFC), which is MFL’s partnership with Real Time Fantasy Sports that pays out a $200,000 Grand Prize and $1,500 in league prizes! As a bonus to everyone participating in MFL10s league, we are offering our 10s for $200,000 promotion starting today. It’s as simple as this: For every credit purchased in the ...

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The Fantasy Championship


The Fantasy Championship (TFC) is back for another summer of exciting action, and drafts are taking place every night from now until the start of the season.  TFC features a $200,000 grand prize, with an entry fee of only $250 per team or a 3-pack of teams for $700.  Now in its third-year, TFC is a partnership between MyFantasyLeague.com and RTSports.com, two of the ...

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New Law for Virginia Residents


PLEASE NOTE: This is for MFL10s ONLY! The new laws have no impact on the commissioner software used to host private leagues. The state of Virginia has passed a new law that becomes effective as of July 1st, 2016. Unfortunately, this new law makes it impossible for us to offer our MFL10s Leagues to participants from the state of Virginia ...

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