New MFL User Accounts

We are back up and running after our scheduled 48-hour downtime.  During that outage, we upgraded our servers and infrastructure, and we also rolled out a new “Universal Login” or “Single Sign On” system for  This is a totally new login mechanism for all of the commissioners and owners that are used to the “old” system, so we understand that it may take some getting used to. But after you get used to it, we are confident that you’ll appreciate the benefits of being able to login once from any browser or device and having access to all of your leagues with that single login process.

Here are the steps to get up and running with the new system:

Step 1: Create an MFL User Account.  Most existing customers will not have an account yet.  The only exception will be for customers that already created an account on our Public League Dashboard because they participated in an MFL 10s League sometime in the past year.  For everybody else, you need to start by creating an account on the new MFL Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to your existing League Home Page(s).  If you have bookmarks in your browser, you can use those to access your leagues.  Or you can Search for your leagues here.  Remember to select the correct year on that search page.  Then enter your league name or email address to find your league(s).  Then click on the link to go to your league home page.

Step 3: Link your Franchise to your MFL User Account.  If you are logged into MFL with your new user account, you’ll see your username in the upper right corner of the league home page.  You should then see “Guest” next to your username, and links below the word Guest to “Logout” or “Link Franchise“.  Click on the “Link Franchise” option, and then you’ll see a pull down menu, very similar to the old login system.  Select your Franchise from that pull down list (or choose “Commissioner” from the list).  Now you have two ways to link your league to your MFL user account:

  1. If you still know your franchise (or commissioner) password from your league on the old system, you can enter that and get linked immediately.
  2. If you don’t remember your password, then you can enter your email address to have the system send you an email message with the login/link instructions.

Step 4: What happens if the Link Franchise option doesn’t work?  If you don’t remember your password, and you don’t have access to the email address that is listed under your franchise information anymore, then you’ll need to contact your commissioner.  He or she can update your password or update your email address for your franchise to allow you to proceed.  And if your commissioner is stuck, then they can contact MFL tech support through our Help Center.


User Account Details

Your new user account will give you quick and easy access to all of your leagues on the MFL Dashboard.  With the old system, you had to login to each individual league, and if you switched browsers or devices, it required you to login to each individual league again from the new device.  With the new system, there is a one-time setup process to link your account to all of your leagues.  After that step is completed, then you can log into (or out of) all of your leagues at once from any device or computer.  Even your historical leagues will be tracked through your new user account, so if you switch email addresses over the years, or forget your password for historical leagues, you’ll now be able to link them to your account just once, and always have access to them in the future through your single sign-on. And if you participate in two more more leagues for the 2016 season, you’ll benefit from quick access to all of your leagues with one quick login process.