MFL10s are Closed

Man, that was a quick 6 months…

What started in February has come to an end Thursday, Aug. 25.  This includes leagues in both the Draft-Only and Roster Management format.  We have 2-plus weeks to complete drafts — more than enough time if everyone does their part to keep things moving at a decent pace.

For any drafts slacking as we near the NFL’s kickoff on Thursday, Sept. 8, adjustments will be made as we see fit — including moving teams to auto-select after one 8-hour time out and shortening draft clocks. Look for those adjustments to start being made in the slowest of drafts on Monday, Sept. 5.

There are also a few days remaining on the promotion to receive a free 10s league from our mid-stakes contest, The Fantasy Championship. Click here for more info on how to Claim your Credit and win $200,000 playing season-long Fantasy Football!

Many thanks for your participation in 10s, 25s, 50s and 100s this year — it’s amazing to see how far they’ve come in such a short amount of time. Best of luck in all of your 2016 leagues!