Waiver Wire Options

Commissioners have complete control of the waiver wire to determine exactly how and when free agents can be selected each week, using various methods:

  • First Come First Served: Any fantasy football owner can pick any player at any time with this option.
  • Waiver Request: Each owner creates a list of the players they want during a certain timeframe, and then the available players are awarded to the teams with the worst records (or other criteria that you specify).
  • Blind Bidding: Similar to a silent auction, the players go to the owner with the highest bid at the end of the specified time frame.
Any or all of these methods can be combined by using the Interactive League Calendar.  You can set up specific times each week as No Waivers Allowed periods, so when players are dropped from a fantasy football team, you can specify a lockout period allowing all teams to get a fair chance at grabbing recently dropped players.
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