Flexible Scoring Rules

MFL supports just about any scoring rule that you can think of:

  • Click here for a Comprehensive List of Scoring Rules available.  This list also includes detailed information about each rule, and whether or not the rule can be used for Individual or Team positions.
  • Click here for a list of Pre-packaged Scoring Rules to choose from. You can use these as a starting point for your league and then edit them or add/delete individual rules to customize your league scoring as needed.
  • Scoring for Touchdowns can be based on the Number of TD’s or based on the Length of each TD.
  • Scoring for Field Goals can be based on the Number of FG’s or the Length of each FG.
  • Decimal Scoring (with up to 3 decimal places).
  • Conditional Scoring (such as “award 1 point for a Pass Completion Percentage of at least 50%, but only if they have at least 20 pass attempts).
  • Home Field Advantage Points.
  • Tiebreakers can be automatic or manual (or you can choose to leave tie games so they remain as ties).
  • You can specify Different rules for each Position, or combine any of the positions into one group to apply the same rules to multiple positions.
  • If you have an odd number of teams, one team can play against the League Average each week to avoid fantasy BYE weeks.

If you have special rule exceptions that aren’t supported by MFL for any reason, then you can use the Player Score Adjuster to manually change the score for any player if needed.

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