Player Positions

MFL supports over two dozen player positions, from Quarterbacks to Cornerbacks, and everything in between!

  • Offensive
  • Team Defense
  • Special Teams
  • IDPs
  • Team Offense
  • Head Coach
All of the traditional offensive positions are available:

  • Quarterback (QB)
  • Running Back (RB)
  • Wide Receiver (WR)
  • Tight End (TE)
  • Kicker (PK)
  • Punter (PN)

You can Combine Positions, such as WR+TE or even RB+WR+TE.

If you want to avoid dealing with individual player injury issues, you can use Team Player positions, such as the Team QB or Team Kicker.  We even support Team RB, Team WR, Team TE, and Team Punters.

The Running Back positions can be customized to separate Fullbacks (but it does require the commissioner to specify which RB’s should be designated as FB’s)

The Team Defense can be used to track stats on an NFL team basis, such as:

  • Defensive and/or Special Teams TDs
  • Yards Against and Points Against.
  • Sacks, Tackles, Assists, Safeties, Tackles for Loss, QB Hits, etc.
  • Fumble Recoveries, Interceptions, Passes Defended, and more.
  • Blocked Punts, Blocked Extra Points, Blocked Field Goals.
The Special Teams position can be used to track Punt and Kickoff Return TDs and stats.

You can also choose to Combine Special Teams with the Team Defense position.

Individual Kick Returners (KR) are also supported, but it does require the commissioner to specify which players in the system should be designated as KR’s.

Individual Defensive Players, or IDPs, are fully supported:

  • Defensive Tackle (DT)
  • Defensive End (DE)
  • Linebacker (LB)
  • Cornerback (CB)
  • Safety (S)

You can Combine Positions such as DT+DE and CB+S, or group them altogether as “IDPs” in general.

If you want to ease into the IDP concept, you can choose to use Team IDP positions, such as “Team DL”, “Team LB”, and “Team DB”.

The Team Offense position can be used to track the offensive as a whole, such as Total Yards from Scrimmage, First Downs, Total Touchdowns, etc.

It can also be used to track negative stats like Sacks Against.

The Team Offense can also be used to score the Offensive Linemen as a group.

The Head Coach position can be used to track Wins and Losses and Point Differential for NFL head coaches.
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