Drafting Options

MFL supports Live On-Line Drafts and Email Drafts, or you can conduct your draft off-line and then enter the results after you are done.

Live Draft: If all of your team owners are online at the same time, you can conduct a live draft, complete with an interactive chat room, a timer to keep things moving, and audio announcements of players as they’re picked.  Even if a few owners can’t be at the live draft, you can still make it work by having them rank players in advance using the pre-draft option.  Then the system will pick for them when it’s their turn.  You have complete control of what happens when the timer runs out (skip the pick or have the computer make a pick for them), and you can trade players, draft picks, and trash talk with other owners throughout the draft.
Email Draft: If you prefer to draft over the course of several days or even weeks, you can conduct an email draft.  MFL tracks all the details and send an email message after each pick to update everyone on the progress of the draft. You can keep things moving with the pre-draft option, so the system picks for any owner that is not available when it is their turn.
Off-Line Draft: You can use a draft board or any other method to conduct your draft the traditional way, and then transfer the results into your league afterwards.
For any of the draft options, you can use a standard, serpentine or randomized draft order, or you can customize the order and the number of picks per round as much as needed.
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