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MFL By the Numbers

MFL is built to handle any league configuration and to grow with your league as you expand and add more rules and features.  If you have a “standard” 12-team league with a couple of divisions, then MFL can serve you well without breaking a sweat.

But if bigger is better for your league requirements, then we are the biggest and the best.  The sky is the limit with MFL!  You can create a league as large as you want. So don’t leave anybody out of your league this season. There’s room to invite them all 🙂

100 Teams!

The average fantasy football league has 12 teams.  But if you want to create a mega-league with all of your co-workers or your entire neighborhood, then we can accommodate you!  Note that each team can have multiple co-owners as well, so two friends or co-workers can share a team if desired.

90 Player Rosters!

The average fantasy football league has a roster sizes between 16 and 20 players.  But you can emulate a real NFL Franchise with super deep rosters if you want to explore the extreme ends of the NFL depth charts in your fantasy league.  And you can allow the same NFL player to be owned by more than one fantasy team if you want.

50 Player Taxi Squads and IR!

If the regular Fantasy Roster isn’t big enough for your needs, you can expand it with a Taxi Squad and a Fantasy Injured Reserve Squad.  You can use the Taxi Squad similar to the way the NFL uses the Practice Squad, or use it to stash players for any other reason your league can come up with. The IR list can be used to stash injured players based on your league’s Fantasy IR rules

6 Conferences / 24 Divisions!

The average 12 team league uses 2 or 3 Divisions.  But you can divvy up the teams to your heart’s content with multiple Conferences and multiple Divisions within each Conference.

Deluxe Leagues!

You can have a separate Player Pool and a Separate Draft for each Conference or Division. It’s like having Multiple Leagues within one league.

200 Custom Players!

If you need even more flexibility, we allow you to enter up to 200 custom players into your league.  Some deep dynasty leagues use these spots for college players.  Others use them in creative ways such as using roster spots to represent future draft picks or salary cap placeholders, etc.

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