Fantasy Sports Legislation Resources

  • SBFSTA – The Small Business Fantasy Sports Trade Association was formed early in 2016 to help organize small businesses that were being impacted by the new barrage of legislation. They have hired a lobbyist to help spread the word and to educate politicians in many states so they understand the difference between DFS and season long, and especially so they understand that most of the laws being proposed are very oppressive and will actually stifle business (and therefore drive down state tax revenue) rather than generating new tax revenue for the states. We encourage you to help at a grassroots level by donating funds to the SBFSTA, which they will use for lobbying to help get bad laws changed, and to help make sure any new laws that are passed are good laws for the season long companies and games like MFL10s.
  • Legal Sports Report – this web site is updated daily with all of the latest developments on fantasy sports regulations.  The articles and information are given from the standpoint of DFS companies, but the core concepts and state by state analysis still applies to the entire industry. They also maintain a state by state breakdown of existing and proposed laws with their DFS bill tracker page.
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