Contact Your Representatives

The #1 thing you can do to make sure the laws in your state remain positive for fantasy sports is to contact your representatives to let them know that you care about your hobby and what they do in office. With that in mind, here are some tips on how you can have a positive impact, roughly in order of effectiveness.

  1. Meet with them! A face to face meeting is the most effective way to get your concerns across. This isn’t always feasible, but if you are close to your state capitol or wherever your representative lives, then find out if you can set up a meeting with them, or just drop in during their office hours to see if they will listen to your concerns.
  2. Call them! Pick up the phone and call them to let them know your concerns. Phone numbers are easy to find for most representatives, and part of their job is to listen to feedback and take calls from their constituents.
  3. Send them an Email! Again, email addresses should be easy to find for your representatives. Phone calls are more effective, but if you don’t have the time or the temperament for a live discussion, then an email message can also be effective.
  4. Write a Letter! It might take longer, but if you want to be more formal than an email message, then you can write them a letter with your concerns.
  5. Social Media! You’re probably on Facebook or Twitter all the time anyway, so feel free to tag your representative in a post or a tweet to get their attention.
  6. Any combination of the above methods is great as well, especially if you can get friends and co-workers to join you in your efforts. The more times they hear your message, the more likely they are to realize that your message is important and needs to be listened to.


Remember to keep the tone of the conversation positive and encouraging. Like any other situation, if you present your concerns and ideas in a non-confrontational manner, you are likely to get much better results than attacking them or their policies! Often times, they won’t be aware of issues¬†with the bills, because they don’t play season long fantasy games themselves. Therefore, they may need to be informed before they can understand the concerns.

How to find Contact Information

Start with a visit to our State Information pages. We may already have the contact information for your state. If not, then try a site like Open States which lets you look up the information in various ways. This is also a great site for looking up specific bills and legislation, such as anything involving Fantasy Sports.

Keep us Informed as well

Please let us know how it went after you talk to your representatives. We’d love to hear your thoughts or impressions, or any feedback they had for you!

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