Fantasy Sports Legislation

Legislation is quickly becoming a very concerning issue in the Fantasy Sports Industry.  As a consumer, you need to be aware of the changes in the landscape for fantasy games like MFL10s, especially if you live in one of the states that is actively trying to pass new laws to regulate and potentially limit your ability to enjoy your hobby!

Background and Overview  If you are new to this topic, then be sure to start by reading our Fantasy Sports Legislation Overview page.  This is the best place to start to quickly get up to speed on all of the issues.

State by State Legislation

Be sure to check our State Legislation page to see where you stand with respect to the legality of fantasy sports, and whether or not your state has active or pending legislation that may directly effect your ability to play in leagues like our MFL10s! If your state has pending legislation, then be sure to Contact your Representatives to let them know that you object to any laws that would be prohibitive for small companies to operate in your state.

Mailing List

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Other Resources

sbfsta-logoCheck out our Fantasy Legislation Resources page to learn about the Small Business of Fantasy Sports Trade Association and other ways that you can get involved. The SBFSTA needs your help! They are fighting to keep your hobby accessible and legal in all states.  But it won’t be an easy battle, so check out their web site to see how you can help by contributing funds to their lobbying efforts.

Season Long vs. Daily

One of the primary sticking points for all of the legislation is the difference between Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and traditional, Season Long Games. Almost all of the legislation is focused on regulating DFS, but the language is broad enough that it encompasses season long games and contests as well, even though many of the terms and concepts don’t even apply. Check out our Season Long comparison page for more details and background on this conundrum.