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Compare Yahoo

Why should you move your Yahoo! league to MyFantasyLeague?

So, you’ve been running your fantasy football league on Yahoo!, and are considering moving your league here? We’d love to have you! Please send an email to for details on how you can purchase a league with us for only $44.95 if you make the switch from Yahoo!. That’s a savings of 50% off our regular price, and less than half of their price for premium leagues!

Here are some of the many (many!) reasons why this is a good move for you and your league-mates.

Fantasy Football Features The Competition
Customizable League Appearance
  • You have complete control of color, layout, graphics and skins on your fantasy football league pages
  • You choose the type of navigation menu system to use
  • What customizations does Yahoo allow to your league home page? None! – if you don’t like it, then you have to learn to live with it all season long.
Live Scoring
  • Accurate scoring, updated about every 90 seconds during all games, all season
  • We offer GameDay, a PC-based, voice-enhanced, real-time fantasy football scoring system for free
  • They have an optional Live Scoring Application, but you have to pay to get it! So much for Free!
Active and Enthusiastic Community
  • Interact and learn from other customers via our Community Message Boards
  • Fellow commissioners enjoy helping you with any fantasy football league related topic
Any Size Fantasy Football League
  • Up to 64 teams allowed in your fantasy football league
  • Multiple conferences and divisions permitted
  • Up to 80 players per roster – great for dynasty/keeper leagues
  • One player can belong on multiple fantasy football teams, with separate drafts for each division or conference
  • Limited amount of teams in their free league service.
  • No support for conferences.
  • Limited amount of players per roster.
Always Accessible
  • Your fantasy football league is available 24×7, all year
  • Last season’s rules, rosters and other settings are automatically carried over for you
  • All fantasy football leagues stay online indefinitely, especially useful for dynasty leagues
  • Yahoo fantasy football shuts down after the season ends. They’re too interested in the other sports during the football offseason.
  • They don’t start up again until a month or two before the season starts in the summer.
Unrivaled Technical Support
  • Try getting a personal response to your questions or problems from someone on Yahoo’s staff.
League History
  • Your league history remains accessible to refer back to indefinitely
  • Many hisorical reports are available to view all of your league records over the years.
  • You can even enter historical seasons into our system if you kept track of them on paper.
  • Yahoo! takes a “snapshot” of your history, but not everything is kept from year to year.
  • You have to dig deep to find old standings and records, and you can’t even share the historical records with friends that aren’t in the league.
Leading Edge Features and Always Improving. Your Feedback Counts!
  • Even though we’re already the most feature-rich fantasy football league management system, we continuously improve with Site Upgrades
  • Many enhancements come about based on customer feedback
  • Yahoo! is great for a very basic league, but if you want to add any complex and fun features to your league, it can be very limiting.
Affordable Price
  • Pay one low price for your entire fantasy football league
  • FREE fantasy football playoff league
  • See our Purchase Page for discounts
  • Yahoo! offers basic leagues for free, but if you want to use any of their advanced features or their live scoring, your “Free” league will end up costing you $100 or more.