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MFL10s are Back!

Our popular MFL10s Draft Only Leagues are back for the 2018 season.  We partnered with to continue offering MFL10s this season. The most exciting part of the new MFL10s is that they are now open to participation by residents of  New York, Tennessee, Virginia, Indiana, Missouri and others. Welcome back!  If you were in a state that was previously unable ...

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2018 Leagues are Open

Fantasy Football Leagues Open

Welcome to the 2018 Fantasy Football season at!  You can now upgrade your league from last year and start setting up your 2018 league draft and other settings. Your 2017 league will remain as is, and it will be available for historical reference as needed anytime in the future. Some options that have been updated or enhanced for the 2018 ...

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Legislation for Fantasy Sports

Legislation is quickly becoming a very concerning issue in the Fantasy Sports Industry.  As a consumer, you need to be aware of the changes in the landscape for fantasy games like MFL10s, especially if you live in one of the states that is actively trying to pass new laws to regulate and potentially limit your ability to enjoy your hobby! Be ...

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2017 Enhancements

Now that the 2016 season is almost in the books, we are excited to announce some of the key enhancements that are coming to in 2017!  We’ve spent the past year focusing mostly on the back-end architecture side of things, which paved the way for some front-end league changes in 2017 and beyond that should make our system easier to ...

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New MFL User Accounts

We are back up and running after our scheduled 48-hour downtime.  During that outage, we upgraded our servers and infrastructure, and we also rolled out a new “Universal Login” or “Single Sign On” system for  This is a totally new login mechanism for all of the commissioners and owners that are used to the “old” system, so we understand that ...

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