2020 Purchase Policy

Here at MFL, we are forging ahead with the assumption that the NFL will play all of their games as scheduled starting on September 10th. But there is obviously some uncertainty regarding all future sporting events, and we realize the NFL season could potentially be postponed, canceled, or only play a partial season. With that in mind, here is our purchase policy for the 2020 season:

  • If you purchase your MFL league and the NFL cancels the 2020 season completely, then your league payment will be automatically carried over to the 2021 season.
  • If the NFL plays at least 7 weeks of the season (whether it is a continuous 7 weeks or broken up into several periods), then we will consider it to be a full season, and your MFL purchase will be considered as payment for the 2020 fantasy season as usual.
  • If the NFL plays at least 1 week, but less than 7 weeks, then we will consider it to be a partial season, and your league payment will be carried over to the 2021 season.
  • If at least 1 NFL game is played in any given week, then that will be considered to be an NFL week that counts for the above calculation of the number of weeks in a season.
  • We’ve always had a flexible refund policy through Week #4 of the season, but we’ve updated it for clarity since the 2020 season has the potential to be an unusual one:
    • You can request a full refund if you won’t be using your league for the 2020 season, but refund requests must be made before the season starts. After the NFL season kicks off with their first official game, then your payment will be considered to be applied to the league for the 2020 season, and the above policies for your payment will be in effect.
    • Any refund requests received after the NFL seasons starts will only be eligible to receive 50% of the purchase price.
    • As always, refunds are only available until week #4 of the season. After week 4, then refunds are no longer available.

Regardless of what happens with the NFL this season, we will continue to operate MFL as usual, so you will have full access to your league for the entire 2020 fantasy season. This means you can manage your rosters (by making waiver moves and trades, and conducting drafts and auctions as needed). You can also use the league message board, chat, polls, articles, etc. to keep in touch with all of the owners and keep them engaged in the league. All of your league information will be maintained and ready to go in 2021, no matter what happens with the 2020 NFL season. If there aren’t any games played, then stats and scores will not be updated, but otherwise everything else in your league will be available.

Hopefully this helps clarify the fantasy football season for you as commissioner of your MFL league. We understand that it can be frustrating and time consuming as a fantasy commissioner when there is uncertainty about the NFL season. We’ll provide more guidance in the future as needed to help you deal with contingencies for your fantasy league if it starts looking like the season could be postponed or interrupted. In the meantime, keep in mind that MFL has full support for on-line drafts and auctions, so if your league usually gets together in person for your draft or auction, you have options to conduct them on-line this year to avoid getting together in person.