2019 Enhancements

As always, we have a lot of improvements in store for the upcoming season. Here is an overview of changes that have already been made in February:

  • The “Home Page Modules and Tabs” Setup screen has been completely updated to allow a full view of the tabs and modules being used for your league home page.
  • Auctions and Blind Bidding Funds can now be tied together automatically.
  • The Taxi Squad has been updated to allow players with 1 or 2 years of experience, instead of just rookies.
  • The Player Links throughout the site will now pop-up a Player Bio Page by default, rather than opening a new page, so you can quickly review a player’s stats and other vital information by clicking on the player name from any report without having to leave the page (or the draft room).
  • There is a new option to Auto-Insert Players into Starting Lineups. So if an owner makes a transaction on Sunday morning and drops his starting kicker to pick up a different kicker, you can have the system automatically put the newly acquired kicker into the lineup, instead of requiring the owner to remember to resubmit his lineup after the waiver pick up.
  • The Transaction Report has been updated to provide more details on various transactions, and to show when the commissioner made a move on behalf of an owner. It also separates divisions and/or conferences for Deluxe Leagues now.
  • The “Change Player Position” Setup screen has been streamlined to make it easier to use and to allow position changes to be deleted if needed.

Note that you can use the “Help > What’s New” menu item within your league to view a detailed description all of the updates and enhancements to MyFantasyLeague.com