2017 Leagues are OPEN

Here at MyFantasyLeague.com, there is no offseason – we’re happy to announce availability of our 2016 leagues!

To upgrade your 2016 league to a 2017 league, just log into your 2017 league as the league commissioner, and you’ll see instructions at the top of that page detailing how to upgrade to 2017.

If you’d like to set up a brand new league with us in 2017, you can set up a free trial right now!

If you have been thinking about starting a league at MyFantasyLeague, or bringing over your league(s) from another service, this is a good time to kick our tires and give us a try.  It only takes a minute to create a league and test all features that we offer. Be sure to drop us a line through our Customer Support Help Center if you have any questions about our service, we are happy to help get you started.

Thank you so much for considering MyFantasyLeague for your 2017 league hosting and management needs.