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Why should you move your CBS Sports league to MyFantasyLeague?

So, you’ve been running your fantasy football league on CBS Sports, and are considering moving your league here? We’d love to have you! Please send an email to for details on how you can purchase a league with us for only $44.95 if you make the switch from CBS Sports. That’s a savings of 50% off our regular price, and less than a third of their price!

Here are some of the many (many!) reasons why this is a good move for you and your league-mates.

Fantasy Football Features CBS Sports
Affordable Price
  • Pay one low price for your entire fantasy football league
  • FREE fantasy football playoff league
  • See our Purchase Page for discounts
Active and Enthusiastic Community
  • Interact and learn from other customers via our Community Message Boards
  • Fellow commissioners enjoy helping you with any fantasy football league related topic
Always Accessible
  • Your fantasy football league is available 24×7, all year
  • Last season’s rules, rosters and other settings are automatically carried over for you
  • All fantasy football leagues stay online indefinitely, especially useful for dynasty leagues
  • CBS shuts down your league after the Superbowl.
  • CBS locks your league in June if you don’t purchase it again, so access is prevented forever unless you keep paying them every year.
League History
  • Your league history remains accessible to refer back to indefinitely
  • Many hisorical reports are available to view all of your league records over the years.
  • You can even enter historical seasons into our system if you kept track of them on paper.
  • CBS takes a “snapshot” of your history, but not everything is kept from year to year.
  • If you don’t purchase your league by June or July, then they remove your access, so you are locked out from viewing your league history unless you keep paying them every year.
Live Scoring
  • CBSSports has no comparable PC-based, voice-enhanced real-time fantasy football scoring system